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Show notes & recipies

Individual episode pages also include links, transcriptions and show notes

Full notes for each podcast, plus recipies

4 thoughts on “Individual Episodes

  1. Thank you for providing guidance for my Vegan journey! I am grateful. I enjoy your podcast! Five stars 😊🙏💜

  2. Truly awful podcast. If you took a shot every time Mark said ‘whizzed’, ‘whizzer’ or ‘fabulous’ you’d end up smashed. The podcast often contains scientifically incorrect information regarding nutrition – specifically amino acids and complete proteins. They talk over each other, smack their lips, cough and Mark often snaps at Sue.

    1. Hey Claire, thanks for your feedback. Are we doing this professionally? No. Do we sit for hours to edit each podcast? No. Are we real humans that occasionally cough and talk over each other? Yes. Do the other 15,796 people that have listened to the podcast agree with you? No. So,if you’d like to contribute you’d be most welcome to share your advice… you can contact us on

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