Our names are Mark and Sue.

We love eating a healthy and balanced wholefood plant-based diet.

We cook from scratch using raw ingredients virtually every day and the purpose of this vegan pod cast is to share not only recipes but our cooking principles with you.

Neither of us are trained chefs, but both of us have a passion for food and sharing it, just ask our friends that come to our dinner parties.

In sharing what we cook each week we know that you will see trends and patterns in the way we think about food, you’ll discover easy ways to turn raw vegetables and ingredients into healthy, tasty meals that you, your friends and family will love.

We are not going to get into the politics of being vegan, there are many other podcasts that do that.

We are not not here to convince you to become vegan, there are other podcasts for that as well.

We are not even here to tell you about the latest vegan fast food, mainly because we generally don’t eat it!

We are here to help you eat healthily, freshly cooked and delicious vegan meals everyday which don’t cost the earth or take hours to prepare.

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Sue and Mark