Vegan slow cooked courgettes

This is a wonderful recipe that makes creamy and sweet courgette which can then be mixed with any form of pasta for a quick and simple dinner Ingredients 1 courgette per person 1 garlic clove per person Lemon juice Optional extras soya cream vegan crème fraîche vegan soft cheese Slice the courgette thinly to aboutContinue reading “Vegan slow cooked courgettes”

Mediterranean Mezze Cake

Ingredients As you may have guessed, we don’t stick too much to strict recipes! Our basic recipe includes: Courgette, baked for 30 min aubergine, baked for 30 min 3 flour tortillas One portion of hummus, from a 400 g tin of chickpeas ( in the podcast we tell you how to make hummus) 10 sun-driedContinue reading “Mediterranean Mezze Cake”