Warm & comforting vegan winter meals

Eating a vegan diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all your winter favourites like stews with dumplings, heavier meals like roasts, and of course traditional puddings! In this episode we talk about vegan options we have been eating this week; hearty sweet potato and peanut stew, nachos with chilli – great on jacket potato too,Continue reading “Warm & comforting vegan winter meals”

Recipes for vegan bread, including sourdough and pizza

This week our focus is on vegan bread. One of the things we do every single week is make our own bread. If nothing else the smell is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t take long to bake fresh home-made vegan bread which is tasty, nutritious and not filled with preservatives and additional ingredients. Shop bought ArtisanContinue reading “Recipes for vegan bread, including sourdough and pizza”

Lasagne, veganising cakes and nutritional yeast

In this episode we talk about the delights of having non-vegan friends over for dinner and how to make the meal enjoyable for everybody. On the menu this week includes an ingenious way of making vegan lasagne as well as roast squash pasta. Tip of the week is about understanding the ingredients in cakes andContinue reading “Lasagne, veganising cakes and nutritional yeast”