Eating Seasonally and on a Budget as a Vegan

In this episode we talk about cost cutting ideas and eating in tune with the seasons. We mention simple vegan recipes for: We then talk about a few ways to avoid processed food, like “cheese” and “ham” alternatives and burgers, we give you some low cost alternatives. Keeping a well stocked larder is also keyContinue reading “Eating Seasonally and on a Budget as a Vegan”

Recipes for vegan bread, including sourdough and pizza

This week our focus is on vegan bread. One of the things we do every single week is make our own bread. If nothing else the smell is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t take long to bake fresh home-made vegan bread which is tasty, nutritious and not filled with preservatives and additional ingredients. Shop bought ArtisanContinue reading “Recipes for vegan bread, including sourdough and pizza”

Vegan ravioli recipe

Ingredients Serves 4 people 240g pasta flower A pinch of salt four tablespoons of olive oil 160 ml of cold water Place all of the ingredients into a bread machine on a dough cycle and mix for about 10 min. Alternatively mix by hand and follow the technique above for making wax After the doughContinue reading “Vegan ravioli recipe”