Vegan Asian Spiced Cauliflower

– inspired by Gok Wan Take a whole cauliflower, cut away the main leaves but leave a few for decoration, trim the base flat so that it will stand in a dish without wobbling. Boil, upside down for 10 minutes. While boiling, heat some oil in a pan (use FAR more than you might thinkContinue reading “Vegan Asian Spiced Cauliflower”

How to get protein as a vegan

This week we’ve got a very interesting week. We are going to look at protein. It’s quite a big subject, but we’ve made it really basic because we do need to know as vegans, how to eat protein. “You’re not getting enough protein as vegan.” how many times have you heard that? We look at:Continue reading “How to get protein as a vegan”

How to prepare, make & cook with Tofu

So many people talk about their dislike of tofu, they think it’s slimy, tasteless and disgusting… In this podcast we want to completely challenge this view. Tofu comes in many forms from soft silken to hard pressed, its spiritual home is in Asia where it is NOT a meat alternative. Tofu stands proud, in itsContinue reading “How to prepare, make & cook with Tofu”

Tofu bake’n recipe

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to make a smoky, crispy tofu alternative to bacon. This goes brilliantly with our scrambled tofu and baked beans. Ingredients Method Slice the tofu thinly. Marinate or toss in the soy sauce Mix the cornflour, nutritional yeast, paprika and salt together in a lunchbox Put the tofuContinue reading “Tofu bake’n recipe”

Home made wraps, caramelised onion quiche, tofu tricks, ravioli and fresh herbs

In this episode we talk about the importance of connecting with where your food comes from, specifically in connection with the cauliflower glut that Riverford have at the moment. We gave a great recipe for home-made wraps which we had with a bean chilli. Plus talk you through how to make caramelised onion quiche usingContinue reading “Home made wraps, caramelised onion quiche, tofu tricks, ravioli and fresh herbs”

Caramelised Onion Vegan Quiche

Make the pastry as per our Simple vegan pastry recipe. Roll the pastry out and line a greased quiche tin, use a fork to make some holes in the pastry, this will stop it lifting. Part bake at 180° C until the pastry has stopped being completely soft, probably about 5 mins. Ingredients for quicheContinue reading “Caramelised Onion Vegan Quiche”

Stew & Dumplings, Fried Breakfast, Chocolate Beetroot Cake, and Nutrition

This week is full days menu of vegan food – starting with a fried breakfast we talk about how to make scrambled tofu, we then move on to eating chocolate cake made using beetroot, gently drifting into an evening meal of skew with dumplings. We then take a look at a fabulous nutrition chart whichContinue reading “Stew & Dumplings, Fried Breakfast, Chocolate Beetroot Cake, and Nutrition”

Beetroot curry, soup, reading food labels, bouillon and Buddha bowls

In this episode, due to illness we had to record this episode in two different locations, it made for quite an interesting experience for us both! This week we welcomed our listeners from around the world, thank you to everyone that has listened, we really appreciate it. This week we talk about a delicious aromaticContinue reading “Beetroot curry, soup, reading food labels, bouillon and Buddha bowls”