How to prepare, make & cook with Tofu

How to prepare, make & cook with Tofu

So many people talk about their dislike of tofu, they think it’s slimy, tasteless and disgusting… In this podcast we want to completely challenge this view.

Tofu comes in many forms from soft silken to hard pressed, its spiritual home is in Asia where it is NOT a meat alternative. Tofu stands proud, in its own right as a tasty, not to mention essential dish on the table, along with meat and other vegetables. I’ve even heard it said that if tofu is missing from the meal, then people start to question, “Where is the tofu?”

We encourage you not to think of tofu as a meat replacement, but look at it as a fresh new way to cook and prepare tasty and healthy meals.

  • In this podcast we look at:
  • What is tofu?
  • How to make home-made tofu
  • Tofu quiche
  • Scrambled tofu
  • Using tofu in cheesecakes
  • Tofu which is breaded, baked or deep-fried
  • How to make tofu bacon

On the menu this week is a seasonal colcannon and tofu dish with miso marinate.

As ever, please let us know your thoughts about tofu in the comments…

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