Eating Seasonally and on a Budget as a Vegan

In this episode we talk about cost cutting ideas and eating in tune with the seasons. We mention simple vegan recipes for: We then talk about a few ways to avoid processed food, like “cheese” and “ham” alternatives and burgers, we give you some low cost alternatives. Keeping a well stocked larder is also keyContinue reading “Eating Seasonally and on a Budget as a Vegan”

Vegan Fitness & Nutrition – An Interview with Clarissa Gannon

In this episode we interview a women’s health and fitness coach, Clarissa Gannon from Vegan Fit for Life. We take an interesting tour of Vegan nutrition for both the ‘regular’ person as well as athletes and discuss some of the common problems Clarissa comes across as a nutrition coach, what do you think some ofContinue reading “Vegan Fitness & Nutrition – An Interview with Clarissa Gannon”

How to eat a healthier vegan diet

In this episode we are going to be looking at eating a healthier whole food vegan diet. Really useful for people that have given a vegan diet a go for a while and want to make it healthier. And also useful if you are thinking about trying some vegan meals in the week, or perhapsContinue reading “How to eat a healthier vegan diet”

Why you MUST have a slow cooker

In this episode we take a deep look into the use of a slow cooker which, in our opinion is a must for any vegan cook. We talk about: Comparing a slow cooker cost with the cost of an oven In the show I mentioned about reducing energy costs, here are my calculations.Assuming an energyContinue reading “Why you MUST have a slow cooker”

How to get protein as a vegan

This week we’ve got a very interesting week. We are going to look at protein. It’s quite a big subject, but we’ve made it really basic because we do need to know as vegans, how to eat protein. “You’re not getting enough protein as vegan.” how many times have you heard that? We look at:Continue reading “How to get protein as a vegan”

Everything you need to know about going on a cruise as a vegan

In this episode we talk about our latest cruise on Iona with P&O cruises. We cruised for 7 nights from Southampton to the Norwegian fjords, and in this podcast we give our top tips about living life on board as a vegan. Generally speaking we found life on board ship as a vegan to beContinue reading “Everything you need to know about going on a cruise as a vegan”

Options for Vegan Breakfast

In this episode our topic of the week is vegan breakfast. We talk about: Fried Breakfast, using scrambled tofu, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms & hashbrowns Porridge – protein powder, seeds, nuts Pastries – Making your own or selecting vegan options from the supermarket Yoghurt, fruit, smoothies Eating out – Tips and tricks for staying veganContinue reading “Options for Vegan Breakfast”

Warm & comforting vegan winter meals

Eating a vegan diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all your winter favourites like stews with dumplings, heavier meals like roasts, and of course traditional puddings! In this episode we talk about vegan options we have been eating this week; hearty sweet potato and peanut stew, nachos with chilli – great on jacket potato too,Continue reading “Warm & comforting vegan winter meals”