Why you MUST have a slow cooker

Why you MUST have a slow cooker

In this episode we take a deep look into the use of a slow cooker which, in our opinion is a must for any vegan cook. We talk about:

  • the benefits of a slow cooker, including the cost of running a slow cooker
  • the different types of slow cooker
  • slow cooker recipes
  • slow cooker tips and tricks

Comparing a slow cooker cost with the cost of an oven

In the show I mentioned about reducing energy costs, here are my calculations.
Assuming an energy cost of 33p per kwh (about typical as at December 2022 in the UK)

A 200W slow cooker which is on for 6 hours would use 1200wh = 1.2kwh.
1.2kwh X 0.33 = 39p

A 2000w = 2kw oven which is on for a comparable cooking time of 40 min = 1.3KWH
1.3kwh X 0.33 = 43p

BUT, if you decided to cook a jacket potato in a 2kw oven, and left it on for 4 hours, that would be 8kwh = 8 x 0.33 = £2.64, so this is where the huge saving comes in with using a slow cooker.

Resources mentioned

“Vegan slow cook” by Saskia Sidey https://www.instagram.com/saskia.sidey/

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