Warm & comforting vegan winter meals

vegan warm and comforting meals

Eating a vegan diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all your winter favourites like stews with dumplings, heavier meals like roasts, and of course traditional puddings!

In this episode we talk about vegan options we have been eating this week; hearty sweet potato and peanut stew, nachos with chilli – great on jacket potato too, and a creamy flavoursome mushroom stroganoff which is really simple to make.

We also refer back to the previous episode about the value of nutritional awareness – talking about how culturally we have become fearful of fat and carb heavy rich meals, even though we need more fat and stodge to get us through the tougher winter months. As always, pulses, pies and green leafy veg get a mention as stars of the show. It is natural and healthy to eat seasonally in tune with what your body needs, and for us that currently includes loads of root veg such as carrot, parsnips, potato, celeriac – all of which are high in natural sugars and benefit from braising, roasting or slow cooking. We also talk about bulking out meals and making leftovers in to a healthy soup.

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