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Helping you enjoy a wonderfully varied, tasty, easy to prepare & nutritious whole food plant based diet. No Crap. No Agenda.

Simple tips, easy recipes & helpful hints on how to get more enticing vegan meals into your diet… [usually recorded after a bottle of merlot on a Friday night]

In this first episode we introduce you to our main sections:

  • On The Menu” – what have we cooked this week using seasonal whole food ingredients and how can you cook the same.
  • Tip of The Week” – top vegan tips to cook healthy food with minimal fuss.
  • Recipe of The Week” – we’ll share our favourite recipes from the world of plant based cooking.
  • Ingredient of The Week” – top tips on store cupboard staples to give you flexibility and creativity.

In this first episode we also share our story on how we came to be vegan…

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