Veganuary, Apple Spiced Cookies, Vegan Travel, Nut Roast, Cheese and Wine

Veganuary, Apple Spiced Cookies, Vegan Travel, Nut Roast, Cheese and Wine

Unfortunately we were both ill when our Christmas episode was scheduled to go out and so we’ve changed this episode around slightly.

In this episode we talk about a wonderful apple spice cookie/softie recipe made using applesauce. We also mention how to make vegan pigs in blankets using a clever technique with thinly sliced carrot. Of course, there is also a little bit of pie going on so we talk about making sausage rolls.

Over the Christmas period we went away and stayed in a little cottage, so we give you some tips on how to self cater as a vegan – what should you look out for? What things should you take with you?

Nut roast seems to be a staple for many vegans, but what is the simplest way to make it yourself? In this episode we go through the basics of how to make nut roast using store cupboard staples.

We then moved on to cheese and look at supermarket, Artisan and home-made cheeses, are they really as good as they are made out to be?

Finally, we complete our cheese discussion with a little bit of information about wine, what makes wine vegan? And how can you check?

Resources and Show Notes:

Wherever possible we have linked to actual recipes however if these are not published online we have linked to the authors resources where you can purchase their books.

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