Vegan Beetroot Recipes, including gratin, cakes, roast, pickled, baked and tips on preparation

Vegan Beetroot Recipes

Our focus this week is on beetroot, this is a wonderfully sweet and earthy seasonal vegetable which often either gets overlooked or turned into pickle – often not the most ingenious or appetising way to serve beetroot.

Beetroot is naturally high in sugars which means it’s high in energy, which is what we need at this time of year (at the time of recording it is February). We go outside, it’s cold and want to come indoors to eat warm and nourishing food, beetroot is the perfect answer.

In the pod cast we give tips on how to prepare beetroot without turning everything purple as well as ideas for:

  • Beetroot and coconut curry.
  • A dark and sumptuous chocolate cake made with beetroot.
  • Beetroot and sweet potato gratin.
  • Juiced beetroot.
  • Beetroot coleslaw.
  • Beetroot crisps.
  • Roast beetroot.

As well as beetroot we also talk about a soup we made this week, again including seasonal vegetables of carrot, parsnip and leaks.

To experience the true joy of seasonal wholefood, we highly recommend you put beetroot on your shopping list.

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