How to get more Beans into your diet

How to get more Beans into your diet

In series 2 of The Whole Food Vegan Pod Cast we are changing the format slightly. Each week we will continue to talk about food ‘on the menu’ for that week, you’ll notice this changes as the year progresses and the seasons change as we eat seasonally.

However we will be focusing each episode on a different food related topic, it could be an ingredient, style of cooking or style of recipe… And this week we talk about beans.

We give hints and tips on:

  • Working with dried or tinned beans
  • Using beans in stews
  • How to make bean burgers
  • How to make hummus with a range of beans
  • How to make falafels
  • Using aquafaba, the juice that often gets thrown away in a tin of chickpeas.

On the menu this week is a chocolate mousse made from aquafaba, the juice which usually gets thrown away in a tin of chickpeas. We then go on to talk about a Mediterranean mezze cake – think mezze style meal with rice, aubergine, courgette, red pepper, baba ganoush, olive tapenade falafels and hummus all together in a single ‘cake’.

We also talk about 2 pubs that had a very successful Veganuary, with one pub now saying they are sticking to a 100% vegan diet after having the busiest month in 17 years.

Recipes and show notes

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